Fishing Secrets
+ Comments Fishing Secrets - 2008-06-02 16:27:53
Back in April I took a fly casting course up at the recreation centre. It was taught by three very knowledgeable men who adore the sport. I saw a bit of fly fishing in action when I was in the hunting camps this past year and was introduced to the the obsession by a few hunters.

I love fly casting. The challenge and grace of the fly line arcing up over my head and down into the water is my new favourite thing. I'm fortunate to have friends who are also passionate about the sport here in Whitehorse who are letting me in on their tips and secrets.

Lately, when I haven't been out training for the River Quest (23 days away!!!) I've been on the rivers and lakes fishing.

Last night I went out for a midnight fish (yes there is enough light outside to fish at midnight) in waders and my first attempt at a belly boat -- which I also love.

I was in my belly boat for about 30 minutes last night and caught no less than 5 rainbow trout -- I lost count after awhile. The fish were jumping all around me and so close that I thought some of them might jump right into my belly boat.